Growing young designers

We started Wonderland not as a means to create amazing design or online campaigns, but as a way for us to make the world a better place.  Besides supporting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and it’s “iWorry” March we’ve also undertaken a more local initiative: to teach the basic principles of design to 12 kids at the Sozo Foundation in the Vrygrond Community in Cape Town.


The Sozo Foundation Educentre provides a safe space in the Vrygrond community for high school learners to be equipped and empowered through education. It aims to close the massive gaps that these children have in their lives in terms of role models, physical space to do their homework and the individual attention that a child requires in order to survive and thrive.


Our Creative Director and Co-Founder, Lexi Fontein, took it upon herself to create an “Introduction to Graphic Design” course which aims to grow each participants knowledge of design from the basic elements and rules, to magazines and digital.


Design is a key focus in Cape Town leading up to the World Design Capital events happening throughout the Mother City during 2014. Design is a lucrative and essential art form to humanity’s survival: without it we would have even more excess, non-functioning equipment and spaces that discourage human advancement instead of enabling us to succeed.


The participants in the design course have been encouraged and enabled to learn from Lexi’s experience both in the publishing as well as the online spheres of design. The levels of commitment, perseverance, shared learning, giving back and, most of all, fun has been at an all time high. As the 6-week course comes to a close we know that the lives of our staff as well as the children have changed immeasurably.



If you are a client of Wonderland Works, your contribution to the bottom line has touched the lives of these children – because of you they will be one step closer to achieving their dreams of being fashion designers, magazine editors and application developers. For this, we are eternally grateful.





Photography by the very talented Samantha Dormehl.

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